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Indian Pharmacopoeia, 1996

Indian Pharmacopoeia, 1996

"The latest edition of the Indian Pharmacopoeia was published in 1996. Under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, the Indian Pharmacopoeia is the legally recognised book of standards for the quality of drug substances and their preparations included therein.

"Addendum 2000 amends as well as adds new drugs and preparations to the Indian Pharmacopoeia 1996 with a view to keeping the Pharmacopoeia updated to the extent possible. Besides amending the existing monographs and appendices, it contains 44 new monographs. Some monographs have undergone major amendments. The appendix on Bacterial Endotoxins Test has been replaced with a new version which includes the quantitative tests in addition to the conventional gel clot test.

"The Addendum 2000 is a companion volume to the Indian Pharmacopoeia which is indispensable for all concerned with the quality of drugs." (jacket) No. 19078

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British Pharmacopoeia 2007 (CD-ROM)

British Pharmacopoeia 2007 (CD-ROM)
Stationary Office | Pages:3500 | 2006-08-30 | Sales Rank:644918 | ISBN / ASIN:0113227256 | EAN: 9780113227259 | 360Mb

The British Pharmacopoeia (BP) 2007 is the authoritative, current collection of standards for UK medicinal substances and the official source of all UK quality standards. It is an essential reference for anyone involved in pharmaceutical Research & Development, manufacturing and testing, and plays a vital role in ensuring that all medicinal substances on the UK market meet standards of safety, quality and efficacy.

The BP is supplied in a variety of formats designed for ease of use and a wide range of applications. The hard copy edition package contains a boxed five volume set with a separate Veterinary volume, a CD-ROM and access to a comprehensible, regularly updated website. Both the CD-ROM and online formats are easy to network for access across your organisation.

There will not be an edition of the BP entitled 'British Pharmacopoeia 2006'. In order to improve the alignment of the published edition with the effective date of its contents, the forthcoming edition is entitled 'British Pharmacopoeia 2007'.

More info:

Key features:

* Extensive Revisions including 30 new BP texts
* New Supplementary Chapters containing general guidance on Unlicensed Medicines and Method Validation
* First BP monograph for Traditional Chinese Medicines
* European Pharmacopoeia (Ph Eur) monographs up to and including Ph Eur 5th edition Supplement 5.5
* The CD-ROM and online version of the BP can be made available to multiple users through a network licence, which is more economical than purchasing multiple copies of the BP package
* Technical support for network licence holders is available from TSO, the publisher of the BP
* CD-ROM and website deliver the complete text of the British Pharmacopoeia, British Approved Names and European Pharmacopoeia standards directly to your PC
* is regularly updated and includes information on monograph development and contact points



European Pharmacopoeia 2007



Martindale CD-ROM 35th edition

Pharmaceutical Press, 2006-11, 3322 pages
8 parts totally about 480 MB
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American Pharmacopoeia -26

The United States Pharmacopeia is a compendium of quality control tests for drugs and excipients to be introduced into a medicinal formulation. It is published every year [1] by the United States Pharmacopoeial Convention. It forms the basis of enforcement actions by the US Food and Drug Administration and the US Drug Enforcement Administration and is the official pharmacopoeia of the USA and many other nations. Therefore, in case of a dispute, those methods for, amongst others, identification, assay and purity determination of a drug substance or excipient which are stated in the USP will be the legally binding ones.


WHO Pharmacopoeia




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