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3D max

Autodesk 3ds Max Techniques: Design Visualization | 702 MB

Focus is on 3ds Max as a tool for presenting client visions such as architectural and product designs
The primary focus will be on materials and lighting within 3ds Max
Includes integration with Autodesk Combustion will also be explored including RPF, the discreet Color Corrector and Render Elements
Authored by Gary Davis, certified training specialist for 3dsMax, Combustion and Toxik. He regularly acts as instructor at the Oregon3D and Planet Digital training centers

Architectural designs
Product designs
Materials and lighting
Integration with Autodesk Combustion
Discreet Color Corrector
Render Elements.



Autodesk 3ds Max Techniques: Rapid Tools Development | 283 MB

Rapid Tools Development will focus on best practices for user interface creation and the optimal workflows for designing artistic tools in the shortest time possible
Authored by Borislav “Bobo” Petrov, Technical Director of Visual Effects at Frantic Films
User interface creation
Optimal workflows for designing artistic tools



Autodesk AliasStudio Techniques: Sketching and Concept Design

Sketching and Concept Design | 760 MB

ISBN: 1-897177-22-4
Skill Level: Intermediate
Module(s): Modeling
Format: DVD [Multi-region, approx. 50 minutes]

You Will Learn
* Create Custom Brushes
* Understand Rough Sketching
* Use Curves, Fills and Masks
* Take your design from 2D to 3D
* Discover Sketch Projection

media key: 003-26022006-003




Learn a variety of character rig creation methods
Authored by Laurent M. Abecassis, founder of Di-O-Matic, a company that develops character animation plug-ins and custom plug-ins for 3ds Max as well as interactive training CDs.

Learning Objectives:
Creating Interactive Tools to Improve Your Workflow
Correcting Motion Capture Animation on a Biped
Using Mesh Slicing for Better Character Rig Approximation
Creating a Complex Rig in Minutes

Use this serial : Read NFO

I N S T A L L A T I O N :

Burn and mount.


Discreet 3ds max Games Development Series - Modeling Your Games Environments & Assets

In 3ds max Games Development Series - Volume 1, you’ll learn everything you need to know about building your games environment, modeling your games assets and designing your games characters for export to the Unreal® Engine 2 runtime. This volume is covering the following topics: Modeling Your Games Environments & Assets

Learn how to model your buildings, create feature assets as guns and apply techniques such as normal mapping.


Discreet 3ds max Games Development Series - Unwrapping and Texturing your Games Assets

Learn how to unwrap assets, apply blend materials to buildings, and texture your feature assets.

Discreet 3ds max Games Development Series Volume 2
Video Tutorial
Unwrapping and Texturing your Games Assets:


Autodesk 3ds Max Master Class: MAXScript Secrets Revealed (DVD)

April 6th, 2007 by Mr.Radmehr

This DVD is for 3ds® Max® artists and technical directors who want to leverage MAXScript to enhance their workflow. Borislav provides some simple but very powerful ways to combine built-in MAXScript functions and callbacks to achieve surprising results.

Topics include:
*Creating a script for displaying information
*Creating a script for displaying coordinate values
*Creating a measuring tape
*Creating a particle flow script operator
*Acquiring and assigning of properties to particles
*Fragmenting an object
*Creating particle flow based collisions

Presentation run time: 2 hours 6 minutes
Autodesk 3ds Max scene files included


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Reaction in 3D MAX (Video Tutorial)

Reaction in 3D MAX - Video Tutorial
WMV Format | 4 Minutes | 640*480 | 214 Kbps

Here is a samll video Tutorial about making a reaction for hand in 3D Max

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Size: 3.2MB

Dreadnought Modeling in 3dsmax

In this tutorial you will learn how to create an entire Dreadnought in very high detail - the tutorial covers everything from the small pistons that control the toes all the way up to the pipework and cooling dampeners on the engines!

Fast rigging direct to the Dreadnought - meaning that during actual build you can test out how your pieces move and interact.

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Architecture Autocad&3Dmax video tutorials

This tutorial for Architecture from autocad to 3dmax

for the first 5 lessons the password is : msamax

3D Total DVD Training - 3ds Max Series: v2

Rich is an experienced 3DS Max Artist working on Award winning titles rich was previously employed as a Texture and Character Artist in a prominent London Studio. He is now the lead artist at 3DTotal. Rich produced hundreds of textures for the Total Texture CD Volumes and is a principle author of our forthcoming book publications.

3D Total DVD Training - 3ds Max Series: v2

By: 3D Total
Info: Creating a fighter ship in 3ds Max & Photoshop.
Format: DVD.
Content: 8 1/2 hours of tutorial footage plus all required resource material.
Price: £29.00
Review sample provided by 3D Total
more info

The Author

Richard Tilbury BA Hons, MA.

BA Hons Fine Art. MA 3D Computer Graphics attained at the National
Centre for Computer Animation, UK.
Rich will also be moderating a forum in our forums
which will be accessible to DVD customers only. Here you will be able
to post your work in progress, ask questions and get advice from the man himself!

This Training DVD works with 3DS Max version 5 and above,
but can be followed using earlier versions by installing the free Meshtools
Plug-in included on the DVD resources page. The DVD covers the following Sections and Topics:

The modelling section is a comprehensive guide to building every component of the ship from the creation of a template box utilising orthographic views of the model to use as a guide through to modelling with Editable Poly tools and Subdivision surfaces covering the main hull as well as vents, windows, engine and gun parts. It covers numerous tools and modifiers such as Bevel, Inset, Lathe and Extrude as well as detailing the linking of objects in a heirarchy and the animation of various gun components and also deals with assigning smothing groups to sub-object selections in order to create panelling across the ship.

This section deals with various mapping and unwrapping techniques including Planar and Cylindrical mapping and explains the process of mapping the model in sections and then stitching the elements together using the Unwrap UVW modifier. It explains the methods involved in creating an efficient template ready for the Texturing stage and shows how a wireframe guide can be exported into Photoshop in preperation for this. You will learn how to use a guide template to check the integrity of mapping co-ordinates and discover the methods behind unwrapping 3D components into logical 2D images.

As well as showing how materials are applied in Max using the Material Editor this section deals in depth with a comprehensive overview of Photoshop techniques that show practical tips on texturing 3D models. It covers numerous methods that amongst others detail the creation of Colour / Diffuse maps, Specular maps, Bump and Reflection maps and shows how dirt maps can be used to age a model. Vents, panels and engine parts are all covered and we show how all the various textures can be hand painted from scratch and by using a Blend material and Mask we explain how wear and tear can be used to transform a new looking ship

The Audi A3 Tutorial for 3ds Max

The Audi A3 Tutorial for 3ds Max - Intermediate
audithumbThis tutorial uses the XviD codec. Blittze returns triumphantly with his greatest car tutorial yet, the end to end creation of an Audi A3 in 3DS Max 6 - And this time he has recorded with voiceover so that you can learn from the one of the 3d Industry’s most respected car tutorial authors. Why pay stupid sums of money for a tutorial that we are GIVING you free? Hot DAMN! What are you waiting for? Christmas?

Skills Learned

Proportional accurate modelling for vehicles, use of advanced tools, correctly positioning of image planes, modifier stack use and much, much more.

001 - Setting up Blueprints in Photoshop
002 - Putting the blueprints into 3ds Max
003 - Working out the rough shape
004 - Modelling the rough shape (2)
005 - Working out the rogh shape (3)
006 - Modelling the Front
007 - Modelling the back
008 - Modelling the Side
009 - Adding front detail
010 - Adding side detail
011 - Adding the rear detail
012 - The grille and other things
013 - Doors and Windows
014 - Stuff on the back
015 - Headlights and tweaking
016 - Tyres
017 - The Tail Lights (fin)


ArchiCD II for 3DS MAX Full CD

ArchiCD II: The Atrium is the sequel to ArchiCD I, or Architectural Modeling and Rendering for 3DS MAX.

ArchiCD II builds on the concepts learned in the first volume, and expands on them, using a variety of new and efficient techniques in Architectural Modeling. The construction method used in ArchiCD II is different than the one used in ArchiCD I, making Archicd II a natural progression in modeling.

For the Lighting of the Atrium, the author uses Mental Ray 3.4 in a variety of approaches, to create photorealistic lighting in Daytime and Nightime environments.

As a bonus, several tips and tricks videos are included, such as HDRI lighting, Global Illumination with Animation, and Controlling Final Gathering maps.

Topics Covered (4 hours of instruction)

* Creating Sections
* Arches
* Floor
* Arcades
* Windows
* Crossing Vaults
* Ornaments
* Doors
* UV Mapping
* Lighting Setup
* Final Gathering
* Occlusion
* Nightime
* Lamps
* Night lights setup
* Nightime FG
* Texture Creation
* Color Correction
* Falloff Limits
* FG Bounces
* FG and Animation

Author: Charbel Koueik
Platform: 3DS MAX

Modelling and rendering in max

This is a tutorial on modeling a dumbbell adding textures and then comparing renders using 3ds max default scanline, light tracer, final render and Vray 1.5RC3. I hope you enjoy it and benefit from it.


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3DTotal SwordMaster 3DSMax

The original character of the Swordmaster was created by Seong-wha Jeong and we had 3DTotal’s in-house 3d artist Richard Tilbury, re-create the character in 3dsmax as well as create the textures in Photoshop, in our new precise, step-by-step tutorial for highly polished, low polygon game character with detailed texturing for real-time rendering. We have also converted the tutorials into Cinema 4D, Maya, Lightwave and Softimage platforms.

3ds Max 9 Essential Training with Chad Perkins

Covering the fundamentals of rendering, animation, and modeling, instructor Chad Perkins demonstrates how to push the limits of 3ds Max 9 for stunning effects. Chad starts with the application’s basics, then goes on to discuss many of the key features of 3ds Max 9, as well as important principles of animation. He teaches users about creating and editing mesh, modifiers, architectural modeling, texture mapping, keyframe animation, rigging, basic kinematics, and much more. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.


3DS Max MasterClass Productivity and Mapping in Visualization

3DS Max MasterClass Productivity and Mapping in Visualization | 895.79 MB

Good materials, along with lighting, are important elements in creating convincing visualizations for your clients. In this DVD, you will learn tips and tricks using parametric maps that ship with Autodesk 3ds Max and Autodesk VIZ, which will allow you to make flexible materials that can quickly be changed for increased productivity. You will learn to control some of the settings in the map types that enable effects otherwise difficult to achieve.
This DVD is for architectural and background visualization artists interested in increasing their productivity.

Topics include:
Creating a brick or tile map
Creating pattern variations
Creating and customizing a wood floor
Tricks for rendering out the floor
Using falloff maps
Using specular highlights
Creating light and snow effects
Creating a building with windows
Fitting text explicitly to an object
Presentation run time: 1 hour 56 minutes
Autodesk 3ds Max scene files included


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3DS Max MasterClass: Vehicle Rigging

3DS Max MasterClass Series Vol.3: Vehicle Rigging | 1.4 GB



3DS Max MasterClass: Secrets Of Lofting

3DS Max MasterClass Series Vol.4: Secrets Of Lofting | 987 MB



3DS Max Master Class: 3D with the Compositing Process in Mind

Vol. 9 - 3D with the Compositing Process in Mind | 689.5 MB

Realize your most complex, creative ideas.
Bring 3D film effects to the big screen. Generate realistic characters in a top-selling game. Create rich and complex design visualization. Introduce a new dimension to your school curriculum.
In this session, Gary Davis, a Certified Discreet trainer, challenges the view that many 3D animators have that 3D renders are a finished piece. Instead, 3D renders can be seen only as a starting point in a chain of applications such as compositing and editing environments



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