Thursday, January 17, 2008

Michael Jackson (Interactive Discography) ISO

Michael Jackson (Interactive Discography) ISO
Many Guys did uploaded songs of Michael Jackson to different places, Being a fan i wanted to add some thing also,
but wanted to make some thing different, so i made an interactive Discography of michael Jackson..

This ISO is actually an Auto Play interactive CD. Instert it in your PC CD/DVD Rom and it will run automatically
with Menus buttons, background music and many pages, each page represents one Block Buster Album of Michael Jackson, and the best songs
from that Album can be played simply by clicking on the name of the song.For Browsing the complete Album click on
EXPLORE THIS ALBUM ...and then you will get all the Songs from this album..

All the Songs are in Perfect MP3 Quality and i did Rip them all my self from the Originol Audio Cds i bought my self.

This Interactive CD make you travell through the Life work of Legend Michael Jackson starting by his Solo career's
1st smash hit OFF THE WALL til INVINCIBLE.. This is indeed a unique way to enjoy the Michael Jackon on your Pc.

Along with MP3's this interactive CD Offers Flash Files and Photos of Michael Jackson.

As A Bonus Feature "The Best of Janet Jackson" 2CD edition is also included in this CD.

.................. This is a Must Have for any one who says he was/is a Fan of Michael Jackson.........

How to Use this CD
1-Download All Files
2-Extract Them & get an ISO file.
3-Burn ISO file on a Normal CD-R (700MB)
4-Insert CD in your PC... and Feel the Magic of KING OF POP.

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