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Movies: Charlie Chaplin Collection - 22 Movies

Movies: Charlie Chaplin Collection - 22 Movies

Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, Jr, KBE (16 April 1889 – 25 December 1977), better known as Charlie Chaplin, was an English comedy actor. Chaplin became one of the most famous actors as well as a notable director and musician in the early to mid Hollywood cinema era. He is considered to be one of the finest mimes and clowns ever caught on film and has greatly influenced performers in this field.

He acted in, directed, scripted, produced, and eventually scored his own films. Chaplin was also one of the most creative and influential personalities in the silent film era. His working life in entertainment spanned over 65 years, from the Victorian stage and music hall in the United Kingdom as a child performer, almost until his death at the age of eighty-eight. Chaplin's high-profile public and private life encompassed highs and lows with both adulation and controversy.

His principal character was "The Tramp" (known as "Charlot" in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Greece and Turkey). "The Tramp" is a vagrant with the refined manners and dignity of a gentleman. The character wears a tight coat, over sized trousers and shoes, a derby, carries a bamboo cane, and has a signature toothbrush mustache.

Kid Auto Race in Venice 1914

Between Showers 1914

Between Showers 1914

Dough and Dynamite 1914

A Film Johnnie 1914

Mabel's Married Life 1914

Shanghaied 1915

The Bank 1915

Work 1915

By The Sea 1915

A Night in The Show 1915

Police 1916

The Immigrant 1917

The Adventurer 1917

The Kid 1921

Pay Day 1922

A Woman of Paris: A Drama of Fate 1923

The Gold Rush 1925

The Circus 1928

City Lights 1931

Modern Times 1936

The Great Dictator 1940

The Great Dictator (Mirror)

His New Profession 1974

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