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Standard Practice in Sexual Medicine

Standard Practice in Sexual Medicine

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»Book Publisher: Blackwell Publishing Limited (01 October, 2006)
»ISBN: 1405157194
»Book author: Jacques Buvat, Ganesan Adaikan, Jeanne Alexander, Stanley E. Althof, Pierre Assalian, Linda Banner, Amado Bechara, Marie Chevret-Measson, Lorraine Dennerstein, Carolyn Earle
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The International Standard Reference Work for Sexual MedicineUnder the auspices of the International Society for Sexual Medicine (the leading international professional society in the field), a multidisciplinary group of international contributors identify the most current standards of practice for diagnosing and treating sexual dysfunctions in both sexes. Fully reflecting recent progress in pharmacologic approaches - including the highly successful drug treatments for ED - the text offers comprehensive coverage, from consultation to diagnosis to treatment to reports on potential and developing treatments.In twenty-nine chapters, the authors cover extensively the wide range of male and female sexual disorders, including ED, priapism, Peyronie ’s disease, ejaculatory and hormonal disorders, sexual arousal disorders, dyspareunia, hormonal therapy after menopause and more.


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