Sunday, January 13, 2008

Phil Thornton - Tibetan Meditation (2003)

Phil Thornton - Tibetan Meditation (2003)

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A distant temple bell sounds, as the unmistakable tones of the ancient tradition of meditational chant resonate, creating an ambience of meditative calm.

Inspired by the very distinctive culture and music of Tibet, Phil Thornton has created an exceptional album that captures the very essence of Tibetan music. As you listen to the sounds of overtone chanting, Tibetan Singing Bowls, the Ragdung, Cymbals, Gongs and the Tibetan Thighbone, take time to reflect, explore and discover your soul.

Tracks :
01. Meditation
02. Welcome Return
03. View from the Pass
04. Mandala - Ascent
05. Temple Valley
06. Mandala - Equilibrium
07. Lotus Dance
08. Chant of Souls
09. Resolution

~ Download Part One ~
~ Download Part Two ~

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Steve said...

I like your music post..I need more meditation music...Do you have NARADA RECORDS ARTIST..I want good quality sound...Thank to share