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Riley Lee - Music for Zen Meditation

Riley Lee - Music for Zen Meditation
Riley Lee - Music for Zen Meditation

mp3 | 256 kbps | 2003 Year | 123 min | 224 mb
Genre: New Age, Ethnic, Meditative

"Riley Lee is the first non-Japanese dai shihan (grand master) of the shakuhachi and has garnered a large, international fanbase having performed and taught around the world. On Music For Zen Meditation, Lee expertly reveals the quiet dignity and simple elegance of this ancient instrument with starkly beautiful solos and duets. Practiced for centuries by Buddhist priests in Japan, playing the shakuhachi during meditation is called suizen, or blowing Zen. Its warm, comforting sounds relax the mind, spirit, and body. Music For Zen Meditation is ideal for those who practice yoga and meditation as well as for new listeners eager for contemplative music in the face of today's hectic and troubled world." -

Disc 1 - Solo:

01. Sea Breeze
02. Under The Stars
03. Spiritus Lenis/Gentle Breath
04. Divine Ecstasy
05. Dulcet Rhythm
06. Serenity Flows
07. Tranquil Resonations
08. Stillpoint
09. Profound Elixir
10. Elemental Contemplation
11. Inner Quiet

Disc 2 - Duets:

01. Whispers Of Eternity
02. In Time Suspended
03. Echo Of The Scared
04. Dance-The Angels Of Light
05. Between The Stillness
06. Soaring With The Eagles
07. Fragment Of Memory
08. Journey Across The Night
09. The Tree Of Sadness
10. Cascade
11. Breathe The Fragrance Of Forever
12. Deep Night Blues
13. Silk Thread To The Cosmos
14. Divine Mystery
15. Merging With The Infinite

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